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Image of Drywall applied to room

Huttig-Grip Drywall & Steel Framing Screws


Some of the most challenging fastener applications include hanging drywall and attaching any material to steel.

Huttig-Grip drywall screws, coarse- or fine-thread, are available in an array of sizes and offer the same reliability as Huttig-Grip nails.

Huttig-Spin commercial fasteners are subject to rigorous testing standards and processes, which extend to the mills and even to the packaging itself. Designed for the pro contractor, Huttig-Spin’s high-carbon wire means faster drill time, and fewer breaks for less waste and time saved on the jobsite.

Products include: Drywall to Wood, Drywall to Steel, Light Gauge Steel, Heavy Gauge Steel, Cement/Fiber Cement Board, Acoustic

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The complete line of fasteners from one source

Huttig Grip
Huttig Guard
Huttig Spin

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